Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Oh yes! On the next part to Cathy and Eric’s big California adventure we went to the woods in style! And we did see BEARS! So without further ado…


Can’t see the bear- well quite near the top and half way along there is a black dot- that would be the bear, which we spotted when we stopped to see the view. We were very excited– hardly had we got back into the car and rounded the bend then there crossing the road right in front of us was a BEAR. Oh Wow- Eric says get the video camera , get the video camera- I did and just managed to capture the bear reaching the verge and disappearing down the hillside. You will have to take my word for it because the video is still on the camera and not in our computers yet.

So off on our way again, after the second highlight of the trip.

To the woods- or Forest- this one


These trees are seriously impressive- sit back and enjoy



Not the tallest trees, but BIG




even the fir cones are big


so I spent a lot of time doing this again..


The next day we visited the King’s Canyon. Not as impressive as the Grand Canyon nor Yosemite where we went 4 years ago. Never the less it too is pretty impressive- have a look



and a waterfall




And coming next to this blog…. one for Vertigo fans and lovers of textiles…

as always all  comments and feedback welcomed. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

Comments on: "If you go down to the woods today…" (4)

  1. The Grand Canyon gives me Vertigo 😉 I so much prefer our Sequoias. Beautiful!

  2. The fir cones look absolutely enormous .

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