Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Raindrops keep falling!

Well we are still traveling through the desert on the next day of Cathy and Eric’s big adventure. It’s hot and the freeway is getting boring. We pull into a turnout (Layby (UK)- I am learning the lingo!) and consult the map and a shortcut/ detour is agreed. Marylou is behaving herself- turns out Eric forgot to tell her we were leaving Williams yesterday and not going there! So we inform Marylou (GPS) of the change of plan and get going again.

Eric is singing / humming- recognizable of a Fistful of Dollars now and I am thinking a lot about Paul Newman and Robert Redford………. cowboy country?

I notice that the next two places are called Johannesburg and Randsburg- we speculate on the names. Then we see a sign to turn off to Randsburg one mile, living ghost town. This we cannot miss.

And this is what we found


Randsburg until recently had a thriving gold mine, until it was ” no longer viable ” to mine the gold- slightly reminiscent of what happened to Britain’s coal mines. The people of the town decided to stay put and become a living museum. They don’t understand why more people don’t come and neither do we. It’s great. Have a look..




We stopped to chat to several people who were lovely to talk too. We spoke to two men who had worked in the mine, I left them with Eric to put the world to rights- here


And went for a look round and a conversation with the lady inside. It’s about 1/4 museum/shop and 3/4 this


and I know it’s all kitsch, but it is fun




And then we went in here


for this


and lo- a lovely little shop inside- with groceries, books and  pictures and posters- and one of “The Gathering” with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Just had to but it for my son Mr T!

Well worth the detour!

to be continued- love your feedback and comments…



Comments on: "Raindrops keep falling!" (2)

  1. I’ve just been reading through all of your travel posts (while I should have been getting ready for school). What a great trip. Can’t wait for the next installment, as you seem to be heading deeper and deeper into the wild west. Great photos. Someone needs to do a linky page for crafters non-crafty pages, if you see what I mean.

    • Thanks for dropping by! And to know you have enjoyed the posts. I’ll do the next one tomorrow! It would be a good idea for a linky page- but not something I have the skills for! Hope you got to school on time!

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