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Getting our kicks!

The town of Williams where we were staying was the last town on Route 66  to be passed by the new freeway. The town makes the most of its’ heritage, although maybe a little kitch? We loved it! First we could walk round the town at night from the motel- no need to get in the car just to cross the road. Next I am a big John Steinbeck fan. The Grapes of Wrath tells the story of a dust bowl family in the 1930’s who were tractored off their land- ie the tractors just came along and knocked down their home, in the interests of big agri business. The family along with many others makes the long and difficult journey from Oklahoma along Route 66 to California, tempted by handbills offering work picking crops- peaches, grapes, cotton, oranges. When they arrive, after loosing three family members along the route, they find that rather a lot of other people had the same idea. Which means that what work there is , is at a barely subsistence rate. Then the rains come! The ending of this book caused such an outcry at the time that it was banned,and Steinbeck was suspected as being a Communist.

Also we are children of the 60’s so we just love the Rolling Stones, so route 66 was definitely on our road trip agenda.

So here is Williams- enjoy it for what it is!










When the freeway was built, the old Route 66 was abandoned, signs taken down, and places left to become derelict. Whoever made this decision got things wrong. Lots of people want to travel down route 66. So signs have gone back up, and if you have a suitable vehicle and don’t mind the odd pothole, you can still get your kicks.

So we left Willaims for our next destination, back across the desert (104F!) , determined to find a small section of Route 66 suitable for the car with no name. Marylou (sat nav,GPS) had been given another chance to do things right! Humph! Within a mile she tried to turn us round, and so on every exit she tried to turn us round, every gap in the central reservation she suggested a U turn. She was silenced before to long. And then…


Oh yes!

And then we filled up here


And paid here


But didn’t eat here


We did drive a bit of the old road before we thought about the car hire agreement and potholes and came back again!

Love to have any comments…

to be continued


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  1. […] I have been a fan of John Steinbeck for a great number of years. The first Steinbeck book I read was The Grapes of Wrath. It inspired us to travel route 66 a bit- see here and here. […]

  2. Reblogged this on A Traveler's Guide to American Literature and commented:
    A look at Route 66 from The Grapes of Wrath. Route 66 was the main road traveled on to get to California. It is interesting to see the change on Route 66 from the times of The Grapes of Wrath to the present. The potholed roads still exist however and as this blogger mentions they roads were only suitable for specific types of cars. The cars in The Grapes of Wrath were not “suitable” cars for long distance drives. They weren’t even suitable cars. They were handmade trucks, torn apart and rebuilt to create space for every family member and belonging. I liked how this blogger included the story about the GPS trying turn them around. It’s like the GPS was saying “you don’t want to go here! Turn around and don’t mention this place again”, What does this say about the Joad’s in The Grapes of Wrath who had no choice but to go forward? They had nothing to turn around and go back to.

  3. Definitely kitsch, definitely interesting! Loved the pics 🙂

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