Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Not a real donkey you understand but the most super charming and lovely little donkey you can imagine. And how did I win this adorable little chap. Well it was all courtesy of Ginny at http://ginxcraft.blogspot.co.uk. Time you met him, he arrived this evening and tells me his name is Moses, and if left alone for a while will get over the indignity of the brown envelope and being posted through a letter box! Currently enjoying sitting on my sunny window sill.

Meet Moses


Now isn’t he just gorgeous and isn’t Ginny just so clever. I am so impressed with being able to make him.

So what did I have to do to become Moses’s new housemate? Well I had to say what animal I would like to be and why.

Here’s a clue about my answer..


And who did I choose- why Mole of course. The most sensible animal in the world who on a brilliant Spring  day downs Tools with a Bother and a Hang Spring Cleaning and goes off into the big wide world for an adventure on the river!

So Ginny thank you so much for choosing me and Mole, so Moses could come and live here.

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