Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!



Comments on: "Welcome. My name is Cathy, and this blog is for family and friends old and new. I am a Nana to two beautiful grandsons and one lovely granddaughter by marriage. I have three fantastic grown up sons, a lovely husband and supportive parents, which makes me very lucky! So I am a Nana, a Mum, a wife and a daughter.The purpose of this blog is to show that Nanas can blog. Just about! And to share the joys of being a Nana ans seeing how the things I taught my boys are now being passed onto the next generation. I will share photos, as soon as I have figured out how to, recipes, crafts and laughs. Above all laughs. I live in a beautiful part of England in a small market town on the edge of the North York moors. Picture if you will the sheep in the field near my home, the steam trains that run from the town, the Monday market and Thursday monthly farmers market, the moors in August covered in purple heather and the peace and quiet. Our small garden encourages wildlife- birds, frogs, newts, hedgehogs, bats and owls. Not so keen on the bats! I enjoy lots of things including crafts, knitting, sewing, baking , reading and history. Can’t wait to share these." (2)

  1. The description of your home sounds like perfection… I lived in England for a year and still remember the green, the wide open spaces, the sheep roaming all over. So beautiful. Looking forward to seeing pictures!

    • Oh wow, my first comment. All this is so novel to me. As soon as I get the hang of this I will put on pictures. It is especially idyllic today as the sun is shining and everywhere is gorgeous.

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