Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

17 for 2017

This year’s theme is FUN.

17 swims-14

16 hour long walks-22

15 books read from my heap- 13

13 cards made-13

12 village posts-4- Cropton, Newton,Rosedale East, Sinnington

11 days out-  13 Goal Achieved


10 new things tried-10 ACHIEVED


9 crochet/knitting projects completed 14 GOAL ACHIEVED



8 craft projects tried-3

7 sewing/embroidery projects-8 ACHIEVED


6 non fiction books read-6 ACHIEVED

5 family history questions answered-5

4 sort outs-4

3 interesting things found-3

2 picnics-2

1 boat trip-Fail

0 craft/yarn/ fabric purchases unless required to finish a project or my grandchildren need me to make something!!

The computer had a Gremlin move in who ordered some completely unneccessary yarn and patterns. FAIL

But there have been more days when I haven’t bought something that when I have- Result!



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