Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

15 for 2015

An ingenious idea inspired by Laura from Made in Oxford

This was my list and my success/fail record for 2015

15 Minutes Walking x 4 times a week. _ Achieved

14 bags to a charity shop.- Achieved in December

13 photos of animals.-  Achieved by July, but I just kept going. This was my favourite picture.

Pickering castle 055

12 get togethers with friends/family. Achieved in December

11 new savoury recipes tried. Achieved in October

10 handwritten letters– Achieved in November

9 handmade cards Achieved in July

8 sewing or embroidery projects completed. Achieved in November

Here are two of them- pin cushion and needlecase.

23.12.15 009


7 new yarns used.2 Failed

6 trips to a museum, art gallery, theatre, etc. Achieved in August

5 projects for charity. Achieved in December

4 new walks. Achieved in October

3 craft workshops, changing in October to three craft projects based on previous workshops attended.  3 Achieved in December. Here is the heart decoration I made

hearts and buttons 002

2 New cities visited. Achieved SALISBURY(UK) AND IOANNINA (GREECE)

1 Railway journey     Achieved in April

0 impulse purchases. FAILED- Charity shops are my down fall.


Comments on: "15 for 2015" (8)

  1. […] 2015, I followed the lead of NanaCathy and had a structured list of goals, “15 in ’15.”  I enjoyed that structure and […]

  2. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Wow, I did not realise that you started your lists back in 2015, until finding this just now! How great you are to keep it up. For some reason your 2016 list does not have a comment area but I just wanted to say you have some great ideas, and I am really impressed by what you have achieved over the last two years. I may be “borrowing” some of your ideas for my 17 for 2017!

  3. What a great list of inspiration!

  4. I loved this list!!!! Especially the last item. 🙂 I might give it a go for next year.

    • Thank you, I have loved having this list. You know the moments when you think What shall I do, well this list has provided me with the prompts to some lovely activities. I will definitely do one for 2016.

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